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Foto Artis Asri Dewi Lestari ( Achi SHE ) Violin Girl

Asri Dewi Lestari ( Achi SHE )Profile :

Full Name: Asri Dewi Lestari
Nickname: Achi She
Place / Date of Birth: Bandung, February 3, 1986
Parents: Samsudin Hardjakusumah & Rubaah
Album: Tentang Aku, Kamu dan Dia (2005), Tersenyum Lagi (2007)
Asri Dewi Lestari

Asri Dewi Lestari

Asri Dewi Lestari

Asri Dewi Lestari

Asri Dewi Lestari

Asri Dewi Lestari

Asri Dewi Lestari ( Achi SHE ), BlackBerry for Online Business

The fruit falls not far from the tree. So says an old adage that is still relevant. Just look at one of SHE personnel, a band from Bandung, Asri Dewi Lestari.

Coming from a family of artists, the art of blood also decreased to self daughter Hardjakusumah Samsudin better known as Sam Bimbo. The father was also a singer and adept at painting, reducing both talents to the Achi, greeting Asri Dewi Lestari.

"Though initially studied piano, but ended up studying the violin. For the brothers at home on learning the violin, eventually contaminated, "said Dara, who is playing the violin for SHE.

Formally Achi also studied at the Fine Arts Department ITB alma mater. On this campus, born February 3, 1986 Bandung is studying graphic arts. She says this art has existed since antiquity. The father and his brother also studied this art in junior college.

"Do not ever thoughts in my mind to study law and management, I really wanted a career in the art world," said the youngest of four siblings.

Although very fond of art, Asri Dewi Lestari also plans to prepare a side profession, namely Business Online. Together with several of his friends, he intends to run a boutique whose products are sold online.

For that she plays is eyeing a 155 cm BlackBerry devices that allow transactions even if he should follow the tour with SHE to various cities. "At first meditation of the iPhone, but do not enter Indonesia, so the BlackBerry just a more practical," she said.