Minggu, 21 November 2010

Foto Artis Sissy Priscillia Face Photo Shoot

Sissy Priscillia

Sissy Priscillia

Sissy Priscillia

Sissy Priscillia

Rifat Sungkar and Sissy Priscillia Marriage

Exactly at 15.30 pm, the pledge agreement granted out of his mouth racer Rifat Sungkar who married Sissy Priscillia in Plataran, road Durian, Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, Saturday (07/10).

Wearing a white national dress looked elegant as the bride and groom are seated facing the princes of the religion of the South Jakarta District Court. Even before the official final offer came out, in front of their respective guardians, Rifat and Sissy Priscillia smiled at each other.

It seems they do it to relieve nervous. Despite trying to be covered but can not be dammed again as Sissy Priscillia asks permission to marry at once an apology to his parents.

"I apologize for any errors that intentional and not accidental to the father's mother," she said with a tone slightly muffled.

A set of gold weighing 10.7 grams of jewelry and money amounting to 10,710 Rupiah into gold on mating Rifat given Sissy Priscillia in marriage that can not be near the media coverage of this, particularly when granted consent process took place.

The concept of marriage with the open nature is quite unique and romantic moment was late afternoon and the small lights in the garden area of approximately two acres were turned on. Moreover, the color of pond water in front of the house used as a process joglo marriage contract increasingly exposed to blue light mentaram.

While all the way to the wedding, the guests will pass through a garden umbrella bamboo pole lights on both sides of the path. After the ceremony, the event followed by a reception until midnight.