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Foto Artis Indonesia Sherina Munaf Cute Face

Sherina Munaf

Sherina Munaf

Sherina Munaf

Sherina Munaf

Sherina Munaf

Sherina Munaf Customize Lifestyle

Sinna Sherina Munaf or better known by the name Sherina Munaf apparently already established his choice to study abroad.

Is a Berklee College Of Music, one of the top universities in the United States to be chosen. Dika Raditya lover is put hearts on majoring in film scoring.

"I took classes there because Indonesia does not exist in his department. It's so nice college system and also yes indeed should there college. So it's not because in Indonesia is not no good, "she said in Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta, Wednesday (14 / 4).

For that, the virgin birth of Bandung, June 11, 1990, is already prepared everything including having far apart with your family and lifestyle also adjust to the situation there.

"I used to own his own so it's okay. So ready yourself in America. Languages are obstacles, but I recently I tried to be good anymore for English anymore. I tried to be menyesuaian lifestyle as well. It really is not no parents, too, if there is a problem not depend anymore, "said singer Geregetan it.

Despite the extravagant claims not included in life but this former child singer had recorded the entire cost of living in the land of Uncle Sam's. "The cost of living there is also not cheap. I've recorded all the estimated expenses there, economical possible, "added the player adventure movie is Sherina.

Sherina Munaf are already accustomed to manage its own finances. She said if finances will be more clever set out the cost of living alone. Even so, Sherina express will not leave the world celebrity who has raised his name.

"I do not want to decide to actually leave the world of me that now. If if is really behind again later vacuum for hard, I now want to see the position I'm here. And how will there, I also see the class schedule I was there. If there is a summer program I went back to holiday here, "says the singer of the song Love Is A Great Later that.

The second child of three sons, also appealed to his fans not to worry about breaking up with him.

"I did not leave completely, I still can interact with my fans through Youtube or Facebook. Many of the media is for connecting with my fans and one thing is sure I will give the best for my career and also my fans, "said son pair Triawan Munaf and Luki Ariani this.