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Foto Profile Artis Seksi Paula Allodya Item ( Audy Item )

Audy Item Profile :

Full Name : Paula Allodya Item
Nickname : Audy Item
Birth Date : Jakarta, 23 April 1983
Age : 27 years old
Father : Jopie Item
MOther : Evie Aquanthie Aziz
Zodiac: Taurus
Height: 167
Occupation : singer
Genre : Pop


* 18
Hits Singel: Bila Saja, Menangis Semalam, Arti Hadirmu.
* 20-02
Hits Singel: Dibalas dengan Dusta, Lagu Sendu.
o 20-02 Repackage
Hits Singel: Temui Aku.
* 23-03
Hits Singel: Untuk Sahabat, Pergi Cinta.
* Selalu Terdepan
Hits Singel: Lama-Lama Aku Bosan


* Indonesian Favorite MTV Awards 2004
* Most Favorite Female MTV Indonesia 2003
* The Most Promising & Outstanding Young Diva (Dolce & Gabbana Awards)
* Solo Wanita Rock Terbaik AMI 2003
* Solo Wanita Pop Terbaik AMI 2003
* Album Pop Terbaik AMI 2003
* Funkiest Female CLEAR TOP 10 AWARD 2003
* Fabulous Album CLEAR TOP 10 AWARD 2003
* Favorite Artist Indonesia MTV ASIA AWARD 2004
* Melakukan tanda tangan terbanyak di Postcard/Cover Album dalam waktu 2 jam (MURI 2004)

Audy Item

Audy Item

Audy Item

Audy Item

Audy Item

Audy Item Biography:

Paula Allodya Item or by popular name Audy Item, born in Jakarta, 23 April 1983. He was the third of four brothers, from the family's senior jazz musician Jopie Item and Evie Aquanthie Aziz.

Women who never get MTV Indonesian Award for Favorite MTV Awards 2004, it earned the nickname 'diva future', after a number of song and album success in the market.

The songs are never released ex-girlfriend personnel Dewa 19, Tyo Nugros that include Go Love, Me Happy Today, Kan Berbinar, my true love, Love My Best Friend, No Regrets Kan, let me, dear, Too Old To Friend (duet with Nindi), It's Only and Without You (duet with Same Same). Audy also has released three albums, which each have a title that is quite unique. His first album is labeled -18, which was released when she was aged 18 years, while her second album titled 20-02, in accordance with the album release date, as well as for his third album, 23-03, released March 23, 2006.

Related to his private life, Audy Item many issued close to the guy, especially after the split with Tyo. Drummer Netral Enno, Didi Element, the main character in the movie LOVE AGAIN Gary Isaac, driver Rifat Sungkar, Juno actor, Christian Sugiono and singer Ariel, has been linked with a woman who up to now still own it.

Although still at home alone, it does not mean there is no activity Audy Item. Besides busy with the show off air and on water, he is now preparing her comeback album after a long vacuum. The recording process has been completed, and is currently in the process of mixing and mastering.

Four years of vacuum and felt outstanding, in November 2009 Audy Item says it wants to pull it off the label, Sony BMG.

In 2010, it could be a resurrection of Audy Item. She singles out the Old-Old I'm Bored, as a sign of her comeback to the stage country music. The single itself he created while she was in the plane.