Rabu, 15 Desember 2010

Foto Seksi Belahan Dada Artis Hot Shinta Bachir

Shinta Bachir

Shinta Bachir

Shinta Bachir

Shinta Bachir

Shinta Bachir

Shinta Bachir Want to Change the Imej Sexy

It is undeniable sensual image already attached toto the artist Shinta Bachir . Moreover it is reinforced with horror movies which she starred as sensual film Hantu Tanah Kusir coachman, the latest film produced by this Maxima.

However, the image section slowly recognized Shinta Bachir now he wants to change. That is, she did not want to just play the movie with just one genre, like horror sensual. Waterford Women's origin is revealed her desire to play an action movie.

"I want to play in all kinds of movies, including action," Shinta Bachir said when met at the show presscrening Hantu Tanah Kusir coachman in Fx Plaza, Wednesday (24/11).

As a tit for tat, soon her desire to star in action movies will be fresh fulfilled. But this time she could not say what the title of the film.

"But I can not mention the title," Shinta Bachir added funny.

Well, to preparatory Shinta Bachir admitted melakoni martial arts training. Shinta chose karate, she reasoned like a martial arts from Japan was because during the first still in school he had attended the course.

"I take karate, I already have a basic to it," said Shinta Bachir.

She also ignored if his body until the blisters because of the exercise.

"It is not, let my blisters still sexy," she said as she laughed