Senin, 27 Desember 2010

Pablo S. Gomez' works on TV

Ang Kampanerang Kuba, Planet Komiks (1971)- was a movie in the 70s and a teleserye on ABS-CBN

Pasan Ko ang Daigdig, Aliwan Komiks (1986-1987)- made as movie in 1980s and as a sinenovela on GMA

Inday Bote (1985)- featured on Wansapanataym

Ms Eva Fonda, 16 (1976)- remade as a teleserye starring Cristine Reyes

Hiram na Mukha (1992)- movie starred Nanette Medved, starred Heart Evangelista on ABS-CBN Sineserye

Magdusa Ka (1986)- starred Dina Bonnevie on the movie version and Katrina Halili on the GMA Sineserye

Petrang Kabayo at ang Pilyang Kuting (1988)- Petrang Kabayo was remade again on 2010 for movie

Juanita Banana (1968)- movie version stars Rosemarie Sonora (mother of Sheryl Cruz) and tv version stars Bianca Manalo

Machete, Pinoy Klasiks (1989-1990)- In the movies, Machete was first portrayed by Cesar Montano in 1990 and then Gardo Versoza in 1994. On ABS-CBN, the role of Machete was played by Derek Ramsay in "Super Inggo" 2006 and 2005 Joseph Bitangcol in "Komiks Presents: Machete", but the GMA version will be the first full teleserye remake of "Machete" on 2011

Mutya (1978)- stars Precious Lara Quigaman on ABS-CBN teleserye on 2011