Jumat, 07 Januari 2011

NIna as Megara and Deianira on Hercules 12, a Pop-Emo Musicale

Nina (as MEGARA and DEIANIRA) is dubbed as the country's newest "Queen of Pop" & "Asia's Soul Siren". She has released Multiplatinum Record Sales and Ten number 1 Singles in the Philippines. She has released eight albums and performs live regularly at different Bars, and can be seen on TV via the musical variety show ASAP on ABS-CBN 2. She is also known for her vocal belting and her ability to sing in whistle register (like Mariah Carey) and do coloratura passage.

She is the first & only female Filipino artist to achieve the Diamond status on a record album via her NINA LIVE! album. Making her the Biggest selling female artist in the Philippines.