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Foto Artis Indonesia Ardina Rasti Cute Style

Ardina Rasti

Ardina Rasti

Ardina Rasti

Ardina Rasti

Being a Stripper, Ardina Rasti Sit-Up Routine

What would happen if Ardina Rasti asked to be a stripper aka sexy dancer with minimal clothing department? Arouse the curiosity of the men of course. And to support these roles, Ardina Rasti are working hard to lose weight and also trained to look more toned physique.

"This is my first role as a stripper. Physically, the costume and character very different, quite heavy upon. Turunin I also have to weigh up to 4kg (Ardina Rasti's current weight is 48kg). Because the director is also not want to weigh too much. Anyway here it I'm dancing striptease, so my stomach would be seen. So to be able to stomach muscles and arms as well, so I was also trained by a professional stripper on the set. How do I let the dance was not seen Nudity. For this character, I hang out and observation in environment (stripper) is long enough, "she explained preskon film The Sexy City, Planet Hollywood, South Jakarta, on Friday (19 / 3).

"I was also very severe diet, because I'm fond of eating it, so snacks replaced as bananas, yogurt and wheat," he added.

In order to get a sixpack in her stomach, during the last two months Ardina Rasti exercise sit-ups and push-ups each as much as 40 times per day, which she did every time I wake up. But because it was getting used to, even his leisure time doing sit-ups.

Then, what made girl accept the offer of this role?

"I'm sure a role like this will not happen again. It's classic drama. Moreover, the names in it, there is also Tio Pakusadewo. Here is my first kissing scene (with Jerry Interveld). And I also have to fall in love with Kak Baim here , "she explained.

Apart from her role as Poppy in the film, when asked about a new lover, confessed Ardina Rasti still alone. Since the end of Lucky Wija, Ardina Rasti trying to get through his days alone, without a lover who always accompanied girl

"If my first five years together, continue to present themselves. Yes definitely different. So far, there are two brain now become one of the brain, yes me wrote this for learning. When ya take their own decisions, the risks for yourself, too. Learn more respect for myself itself. It turned out good, too, cried. I no longer enjoy the solitude, "she concluded.