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Foto Profile Artis Indonesia Ardina Rasti Widiani (Ardina Rasti)

Ardina Rasti Profile :

Full name: Ardina Rasti Widiani
Nickname: Ardina Rasti
Gender: Female
Place & date of birth: Jakarta, January 6, 1986
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Hobbies: Basketball, watching
Favorites Colors: Blue, brown
Favorites Food: Sushi and Tiramisu
Favorites Drinks: Ice tea sweet
Favorites Band: The Cardigans, The Rain
Favorites Singers: Lily Allen
Favorites Film: 10 Things I Hate About You, Wicker Park

Music Album: Kangen (2007)

Family Data
Marital status: Single
Name of parents: Erna Santosa (mother)

Professional & Results Data Work

1. Disini ada Setan (2004)
2. Virgin (2004)
3. Me vs High Heels (2005)
4. KM 14 (2007)
5. Run From Blora (2007)
6. Suster N (2007)
7. Tunnel Casablanca (2007)

1. H7R Print Ad
2. Good Day Coffee TVC
3. Peppermint Dynamite

Ardina Rasti

Ardina Rasti

Ardina Rasti

Ardina Rasti

Ardina Rasti Biography :

Ardina Rasti or full R.A. Ardina Rasti Widiani, born June 6, 1986. Her figure is known as a movie star and TV presenter. Ardina Rasti Blind Love starred in the show which aired on Global TV and Indosiar PARTY.

Her role as Stella in the film VIRGIN (When A Questionable Virginity), making its name quickly skyrocketed. Following then chances starred Disini ada Setan, Me vs High Heels, Akibat Pergaulan Bebas, Boom Fire, KM 14 and a number of other soap opera.

Boyfriend Lucky Wija, one of this element of the music group, is also involved in the writing of one of the songs belong to the music group.

While the horror-themed latest film titled Tunnel Casablanca, starring with paranormal Ki Joko Bodo.

Long enough Ardina Rasti acting performance not seen on screen or widescreen. Pain relieved'll miss it in 2010. She will play in a movie, where Ardina Rasti will become a stripper.